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The process was so easy to use. I think it has great potential for organisations of all size, whether they have governance experts or not in their team, as the assessment is based on what you currently have/do and helps you identify areas to develop and enhance your governance arrangements. It’s a very good health check process, to ensure that your organisation’s governance is in working order”

Jules Mason, Interim Director of Strategy/Head of Governance Support - British Red Cross

I have just read the diagnostic report produced by the Governance Forum as part of the governance assessment process: the implementation plan is excellent – exactly what we needed. I think this will help us to focus our efforts on the gaps identified under the initial assessment and enable the board to build on the high standards of governance that we are already demonstrating as an Association; this will bode well with the TSA; the audit commission and other principal stakeholders. Thank you for a job well done”

Mike Bent, Board Member - Nottingham Community Housing Association

The governance programme developed by the governance forum was straight forward and easy to implement for the organisations that they worked with. The self-assessment diagnostic is a comprehensive and unique governance tool. It successfully helped focus the attention and support of our pilot organisations by developing a realistic and practical plan of action.”

Dr Mashuq Ally, Head of Equalities - Birmingham City Council

Sense is a large charity and it is important for us to have effective governance arrangements. We have recently undertaken a detailed governance review and found the diagnostic assessment to be a very useful tool in this process. It offers a comprehensive framework for analysis and the resultant action plan gave us a clear way forward. We would recommend this process to any charity that wants to check their existing level of governance or identify areas for improvement.

Jacqui Penalver, Company Secretary - Sense

This programme was a real opportunity to revisit our governance arrangements to develop our Board, our leadership and become even more effective in the services that we deliver.

Locksley Brown, Chief Executive - Zone Housing and Resettlement

This entire process of diagnosis, action planning and support in implementation has fast tracked and focused the organisation’s governance development over the past two years. We have been provided monitoring tools that have proved paramount in the successful management of the overall process.

Llewellyn Graham, Chief Executive - Nehemiah United Churches Housing Association

We found the diagnostic process to be clear and logical and it gave us the ability to drill down into the parts that are really important. Although the process was essential the quality of conversation derived from the questioning was where we benefited and helped us to focus.

Linda Gregory, Chief Executive - University of the First Age

The governance diagnostic process has made me think about how we manage this organisation. We have learned that we have a competent board, but we could improve on the system and how it manages itself, it has been a cooperative and effective process.

Gill Coffin, Chair – St Paul’s Community Trust

This is a really effective exercise to go through to properly benchmark where governance is in your organisation. A lot of organisations think they are more advanced with their governance arrangements than they are and this process helps you to check against a pre-determined framework and pick up any gaps.

Jonathan Driffill, Chief Executive - Friendship Care and Housing

The approach taken by Central Consultancy & Training, on behalf of the Governance Forum has assisted us greatly not only by identifying key areas for improvement but also by raising members’ awareness of good governance and generating enthusiasm for a Board development programme.

Walis George, Chief Executive - Cymdeithas Tai Eryri