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Amongst the routine governance work that we carry out with our clients around governance reviews, board development and governance diagnostics there are a number of initiatives that we have pioneered over the last few years.

Recently we were involved in the setting up of the Association of Corporate Governance Practitioners (ACGP). ACGP is a professional body focused on supporting governance practitioners, governance consultants and board members who have a responsibility for corporate governance.

We also ventured into the Education sector and developed a pilot programme for schools. TGF concentrates on improving a school’s effectiveness through the mutual development of people and systems. We provided a governance diagnostic for schools, carried out a national survey of governance in schools and developed a toolkit of essential resources.

In 2009 TGF successfully engaged with over 50 third sector organisations through its governance assessment process (GAP). This has led to a national benchmarking exercise and a campaign promoting good governance across the sector. The GAP was endorsed by several national and regional organisations throughout the course of the year including Sir Adrian Cadbury.

In 2007/2008 TGF received outstanding feedback from two projects in particular. The first being, Birmingham City Council who commissioned TGF to engage and capacity build large Islamic organisations specifically around the area of governance and has been delivered for the last three years. A similar contract delivered in 2010 in Waltham Forest, London. The second client was a part of a £1 million Advantage West Midlands regionally funded drive that sought to progress both the leadership and capacity within third sector.

Our consistent, detailed and open dialogue proved enormously successful as it revealed invaluable insights and challenges that faced key stakeholders, participating organisations and the wider community.