The Governance Forum

The Governance Assessment Process

Licensed Assessor

GAP Award AssessorThe Governance Forum has developed a formal licence agreement which grants the licensee permission to carry out the Governance Assessment Process (GAP) In order to protect the integrity and credibility of the GAP the Governance Forum has set in place a number of measures to try to ensure that suitably qualified individuals deliver the process.

A licensed assessor will have the right to deliver the Governance Assessment Process to clients that they have attracted or who have been provided by The Governance Forum. The Governance Forum licensed status means that the assessor has demonstrated a commitment to providing a high quality of consultancy to support organisations wishing to carry out a governance review. This is evidenced by the fact that (s)he has completed three days of training provided by The Governance Forum.

The resultant Governance Development Plan will be authenticated by a unique code issued by The Governance Forum. The code demonstrates that there has been a client evaluation process and all the relevant forms have been completed to ensure that the diagnostic results can be included in the benchmarking programme.