The Governance Forum

The Governance Assessment Process

The Governance Diagnostic Assessment

The Governance Diagnostic Assessment is a tool which enables the creation of a comprehensive development plan for the client organisation.

The assessment has been developed drawing upon extensive research in the field of UK governance across the third sector. The principles of corporate governance have been applied to third sector organisations, incorporating the unique characteristics and regulatory requirements for such organisations. The tool has been endorsed by:

  1. Birmingham City Council who were recipients of a specific programme of governance for faith based organisations
  2. The Tenant Services Authority – the independent regulator for affordable housing in England.
  3. Birmingham City University who were involved in consultations in developing the Governance Diagnostic Assessment questionnaire
  4. Sir Adrian Cadbury, (The Cadbury Code) who has reviewed and endorsed the process


The Pledge

PledgeWe ask organisations that have undergone an assessment to sign a pledge. The pledge certificate states that the organisation’s board is accountable, transparent and open and will adhere to a set of governance protocols to ensure high standards of governance are maintained.

The pledge is an outward show of commitment by the organisation to achieving or maintaining a high standard in governance. The organisation may choose to display the pledge for public viewing as a testament to their commitment to excellence and to bolster public confidence in the organisations services.