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Here at the governance forum, we offer a number of consultancy services. These include but are not limited to:

The Governance Forum CGFirst

CGFirst is a leading online governance board resource. This product has the ability to seamlessly house all your organisations administration essentials, file all relevant board papers and provide you with breaking news from the sector.

Through CGFirst we can offer governance health checks, highlight key skills, strengths, and gaps. Dovetailed with our personal consultancy service, we have the tools needed to place our clients on the right track. The system has a unique umbrella branding feature complemented by, an easy to use content management system. What’s more, once you pass optimum security fascia, all clients will have the ability to integrate their organisations livery with CGFirst.

CG First


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Documentation Review (ARM)

Documentation Review (ARM)The ARM (agenda, reports and minutes) quality assessment of your board pack is a detailed review, analysis and comparison of your documents against good practice both within and outside your sector. It will provide you with an overall conclusion on the quality of the board pack based on a five-rating system (from poor to excellent) as well as recommendations as to how you can further develop your board pack.

The Assessment considers three elements in relation to each document:

  • planning;
  • structure; and
  • content.

Call us on 0845 505 1875 to book your documentation review today!

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Governance Outsource

This service helps you to deliver your governance function by providing bespoke support to meet your needs. A Governance Officer will undertake on site or remote consultancy for a set number of days per month where they will help to deliver board reports, assessments, implement your Governance Action Plan, support on regulatory returns, developing your governance framework, reviewing policies etc. The Governance Outsource function offers an independent service where the governance needs of your organisation can be met. We have found that this support can be valuable whether it is stand alone or offered in conjunction with the work of existing members of your team including the Company Secretary, or other governance practitioner.

Call us on 0845 505 1875 to discuss how you can benefit from the Governance Outsource function today!

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Board Effectiveness Reviews (BER)

Board Effectiveness Reviews Delivered to your specific needs at the time of engagement, the covers a number of services, which help you to provide assurance to your Board and stakeholders around, board effectiveness. The process ensures that key items such as your appraisal cycle are completed and regularly updated. The BER can include the following services:

  • Board Member Appraisals
  • Chair Appraisal/360
  • CEO Appraisal/360
  • Executive Team Appraisals/360
  • Board Appraisal
  • Board and/or Committee Observations and Report
  • Skills Analysis and Report
  • Succession Plan and Report
  • Documentation Review

Call us on 0845 505 1875 to book your BER today!

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Governance Assessment Process (GAP)

Governance Assessment ProccessThe Governance Assessment Process (GAP) is a cross-sector standard for governance which is validated by The Governance Forum. The process starts with a review and comprehensive diagnostic assessment of an organisation’s governance arrangements, focusing on the areas of the board’s resources, competency of the board members individually and collectively and execution of board tasks and how the board performs. Following completion of the Governance Diagnostic Assessment (GDA) a Governance Action Plan is created which the organisation can then work to ensure. On completion of the GDA, you are awarded a level one, two or three and will also receive a certificate to demonstrate to your customers and stakeholders your compliance with good practice in governance.

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Away Days

Strategic development and planning is crucial to the success of any organisation. To help you facilitate this, we offer a number of away day services from half a day to a full day and delivered by associates or the Managing Director based on your needs.

Using the governance forum Board Game, we offer a unique learning tool that not only acts as an innovate team building exercise but also helps your to refresh their governance knowledge.

As part of an away day there are also a number of training presentations that can be delivered, including but not limited to:

  • Confidently Wrong – how to help the board avoid willful blindness, blind spots and groupthink;
  • Crafting Strategy – which examines strategy, the core assurance framework and forms of assurance;
  • The Governance Refresher – a fun and engaging presentation on failure in the boardroom, board behaviour (The TGF Zoo), principles of board effectiveness and the role of the board and committees.

Call us on 0845 505 1875 to book your away day today!

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Bespoke Consultancy

Not sure what your needs are? Why not arrange a consultation with us today. With experience of delivering governance services to hundreds of organisations across the world, we are sure to be able to find a solution for you.

Call us on 0845 505 1875 to discuss how we can work with you today!


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We have a number of resources available to help you refresh or develop your governance knowledge. All written by Karl George MBE, an international governance consultant, these include:

The Little Book of Governance – a one stop guide to the history and principles of corporate governance. This book is part of the Little Book Series.

Boards Behaving Badly – a innovative approach to understanding board behaviour is delivered through this book, with characters from the TGF Zoo helping to bring it to life. This book is part of the Little Book Series.

The Effective Board Member – what every board member should know – for those with experience of boards and newcomers alike, ‘The Effective Board Member’ takes you on a journey to boardroom effective and includes what to do to gain an appointment, how to operate in the boardroom and as it says on the tin – how to be an effective board member!  

Visit to purchase your copy  today!


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In addition to away days, the governance forum is also the home of the Effective Board Member Programmes (EBM).

EBM is a series of programmes designed to equip those people who want to contribute to the leadership of an organisation by becoming board members. The programmes are delivered by experienced facilitators who have real and practical experience on boards and all share the ability to communicate these experiences clearly and concisely.

By partnering with organisations like the Association of Corporate Governance Practitioners (ACGP), The Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA), The Football Association (FA), PwC, Edinburgh Napier University, The Professional Cricketers’ Association (PCA) and Birmingham Future, we have been able to create outstanding programmes catering for the specific needs of CEOs, senior executives, women, young professionals.

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