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Away Days

Strategic development and planning is crucial to the success of any organisation. To help you facilitate this, we offer a number of away day services from half a day to a full day and delivered by associates or the Managing Director based on your needs.

Using the governance forum Board Game, we offer a unique learning tool that not only acts as an innovate team building exercise but also helps your to refresh their governance knowledge.

As part of an away day there are also a number of training presentations that can be delivered, including but not limited to:

  • Confidently Wrong – how to help the board avoid willful blindness, blind spots and groupthink;
  • Crafting Strategy – which examines strategy, the core assurance framework and forms of assurance;
  • The Governance Refresher – a fun and engaging presentation on failure in the boardroom, board behaviour (The TGF Zoo), principles of board effectiveness and the role of the board and committees.

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